Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile app is a powerful photo editing tool that brings the extensive capabilities of Adobe Lightroom to your mobile device. It’s designed for photographers and photo enthusiasts who want to edit and manage their images on the go. With its user-friendly interface, Lightroom Mobile makes it easy to enhance photos, apply filters, and share your work directly from your smartphone or tablet.

XMP Presets, on the other hand, are a set of predefined adjustments used in Adobe Lightroom to edit photos consistently and efficiently. These presets can dramatically streamline your photo editing workflow, allowing you to apply complex edits and adjustments with just a few taps. XMP stands for Extensible Metadata Platform, a format developed by Adobe for processing and storing standardized and custom metadata.

When combined, Lightroom Mobile and XMP Presets offer a powerful duo for photographers:

  • Ease of Use: Lightroom Mobile’s intuitive interface, coupled with the simplicity of applying XMP Presets, makes photo editing accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level.
  • Consistency in Editing: XMP Presets ensure that your photos maintain a consistent look and feel, which is crucial for photographers looking to establish a signature style.
  • Time-Saving: By using presets, you can apply complex edits to your photos in seconds, saving valuable time in your editing process.

Different Preset Formats in Lightroom Mobile

Before adding presets to Lightroom Mobile, it’s essential to understand the different preset formats:

  • DNG Files: These are digital negative files that can be directly imported into Lightroom Mobile.
  • XMP Files: XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) files are used in Adobe Lightroom to store preset settings.
  • lrtemplate Files: This older format of Lightroom presets is used in Lightroom Classic.

Setting Up Lightroom Mobile for Presets

To set up Lightroom Mobile for presets:

Adding DNG Files to Lightroom Mobile 

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Transfer DNG Files to Your Phone: Use cloud storage or direct transfer to get the DNG files onto your mobile device.
  • Import DNG Files into Lightroom Mobile: Open Lightroom Mobile, create a new album, and import the DNG files.
  • Create and Save New Presets: Open each DNG file, adjust settings if needed, and save these settings as new presets.

Tips for Managing DNG Files

  • Organize DNG files in separate albums for easy access.
  • Rename presets for quick identification.

Adding lrtemplate or XMP Files to Lightroom Mobile

Required Tools and Subscriptions

  • Adobe Lightroom Desktop (Classic or CC)
  • Adobe Creatiwve Cloud subscription for syncing

Detailed Process Explanation

  • Import Presets into Lightroom Desktop: Add the lrtemplate or XMP files to Lightroom Classic or CC.
  • Apply Presets to Photos: Choose a photo in Lightroom Desktop and apply the preset.
  • Sync with Lightroom Mobile: Use Adobe Creative Cloud to sync the edited photos to your mobile device.
  • Save Presets in Lightroom Mobile: Open the synced photo in Lightroom Mobile, create a preset from the current settings.

Organizing and Using Presets in Lightroom Mobile

Managing Preset Libraries

  • Create preset groups for different types of photography.
  • Regularly update and organize your presets for efficiency.

Applying Presets to Photos

  • Select a photo in Lightroom Mobile.
  • Open the preset panel and choose the desired preset.
  • Adjust the intensity and fine-tune settings as needed.

If you want to known more about presets in lightroom then check out our detailed guide on these topics.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Customizing Presets

  • Adjust individual settings in presets to suit specific photos.
  • Combine different presets for unique effects.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Ensure compatibility of presets with your Lightroom Mobile version.
  • Resolve syncing issues by checking network connections and Adobe account settings.


How do I import XMP files into Lightroom Mobile?

Use Lightroom Desktop to sync XMP presets to your mobile device.

Can I use Lightroom presets on both desktop and mobile?

Yes, with Adobe Creative Cloud, presets can be synced across both platforms.

What’s the difference between DNG and XMP presets?

DNG presets are image files with preset settings embedded, while XMP presets are standalone settings files.

Why can’t I see my presets in Lightroom Mobile?

Ensure the presets are correctly synced or imported into the app.

How do I organize my presets in Lightroom Mobile?

Create and name preset groups within the app for better organization.

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