Lightroom CC is one of the most adaptive and powerful photo editing software that offers cloud-based services. This software amazingly edit, organizes, store, and export your photos to any compatible device.

If you’re wondering whether you could have Lightroom Creative Cloud for free or you have to pay the monthly subscription fee. We’ve got all the answers to your legit questionnaire. You can download it by clicking here

What is Lightroom CC?

With Adobe Creative Clouds’ inclusion of Lightroom CC within its suite of software apps users have access to an array of resources that facilitate exceptional content production irrespective of the platform.

Professional photographers looking for a solution that enables them to edit their photos effortlessly without compromising quality should consider using Lightroom Creative Cloud. 

Lightroom Creative Cloud greatly enhances your photos by using its combination of presets, filters, and other image processing tools. With this, you can also easily share photos on social media or other online platforms. 

How to get Lightroom CC for free?

Lightroom Creative Cloud can be accessed for free for 7 days on a trial base, but it includes all the features and functions that are present in its fuller version.

To get access to this software without any charges involved. Head over to the official Adobe Website. Once there click on the Start Free Trial button and create an Adobe ID before downloading it.

For a limited time duration of the trial period only though – you’re allowed to utilize these features directly through your handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones.

How much does Lightroom CC cost?

Once your 7-day free trial ends, then you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription price in order to continue using Lightroom Creative Cloud. The cheapest plan costs  $9.99/month and includes:

  • Lightroom Creative Cloud with 1TB of cloud storage
  • Photoshop on desktop and iPad
  • Adobe Shark
  • Adobe Portfolio

There are also various options available that provide greater storage or extra software like Photoshop Elements or Premiere Pro.

You can also avail 60% discount with only $19.99/month on the All Apps plan if you’re a student or a teacher and Lightroom Creative Cloud and more than 20 other Create Cloud products.

For this, you’ll need to provide a legitimate school email address or other proof of academic status.

Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud

Why use Lightroom Creative Cloud?

Although there is numerous photo editing software available in the market, still Lightroom Creative Cloud stands out due to its multiple benefits.

We’ve listed down some for you so check these out and make up your mind to get this amazing app.

  • User-friendly interface with easy controls and interface that enables you to edit your photos efficiently.
  • Cloud-based storage system to store and sync your photos to clouds or across multiple devices.
  • It is integrated with other Adobe Software like Photoshop, Spark Portfolio, and software.
  • AI features image processing for faster and better editing. for more detail click here


No, it just comes with a 7-day free trial after which you have to purchase a subscription to keep using the app.

It only lasts for a week period.

Yes,  they do get a discount of up to 60% on all App Plans for the cost of  $19.99 per month.


Lightroom CC is an excellent photo editing software for photographers of all skill levels. It provides a deep wealth of features and advantages. It comes with a 7-day free trial after that you’ve to pay for monthly subscription charges.

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