If you’re looking for a functional photo editing app for your smartphones, you might be thinking could it be used independently of Creative Cloud. Lightroom Mod Apk for Mobile is regarded as the most well-known and complete photo editing app available right now.

Lightroom Mob allows you to edit organize and share your photos on your smartphone or tablet in the same its desktop version does.

But, the question arises whether your need a Creative-Cloud Subscription to use Lightroom Mob or not. You don’t is the response. Without a subscription and Creative-Cloud membership.

you can still use the mobile app but your cloud synchronization with other devices won’t work. However, other tools and features of image editing are still accessible. The working mechanism of Lightroom Mob is the same as that of Lightroom CC desktop.

Lightroom without CC Subscription

How to get Lightroom Mobile for free?

You can have Lightroom Mob for free by just simply downloading it from the Google Play Store for Android or the official App Store in case of iOS devices.

You can start using the app right away after installing it without even registering with your Adobe ID. 

However, you’ll need to sign in with an Adobe ID and might purchase the Creative Cloud plans to sync your photos across multiple devices or to use the cloud storage option.

If you want to know details about subscription plans then check out our fresh article Which is better among Photoshop and Lightroom?

Using Lightroom Mobile without Creative Cloud


  • Edit your iPhone photos on your mobile device without any subscription fee.
  • Avail the same features and functions such as exposure, contrast, and colour tune that are available in Lightroom CC.
  • Edit raw data from your smartphone with high quality and control.
  • Export your photographs with custom settings in JPEGs or DNGs formats.
  • Share your photos straight away from the app to social media platforms..


  • Photos cannot be accessed or synched between devices.
  • Only local photos stored on your device or SD card can be edited.
  • No cloud storage or backup for your photos, only manual transfer of photos.
  • Premium features like sensei search, geometry tool, enhance details and batch editing are unavailable.

Best alternatives to Lightroom Mobile without Creative Cloud

We have listed down some of the top Lightroom Mobile alternatives that you must check out for editing your photos. This software does not require any subscription or membership. 

Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar is a powerful and flexible photo editor that can improve your photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This app included many features and tools like exposure contrast, cropping, rotating, healing brushes, and presets and profiles.

Skylum Luminar

It is available for a one-time cost of  89 dollars or a 1-month free trial.


Snapseed is another free and user-friendly photo editor that also provides a variety of features including selective editing, presets, filters, exposure, color, cropping, rotating, and more.

Additionally, it also included HDR Scape which produces stunning HDR effects from a single photo. 



VSCO is a well-liked and widely used free photo editor that is known for its amazing range of creative presets and filters.

It also includes other fundamental editing features such as exposure, contrast, color, crop, and many more.

By purchasing a VSCO subscription at $19.99/year, you may also get more advanced photo and video editing and more than 200 preset options.



In the end, we can say that Lightroom Mobile is a fantastic photo-editing app. It incorporates many of the features of Lightroom CC desktop.

However, you cannot access cloud storage, premium features, or sync your photos without going for its Subscription Plans. for more detail click here

If you want photo editing apps without subscribing to premium plans then you should try Skylum Luminar, Snapseed, or VSCO. These apps provide a variety of tools and features that can greatly enhance the quality of your photos.

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