Lr or Lightroom is a well-known photo editing app for those who wish to edit their photos on computers or their phones. But, what actually is Lightroom and what can you accomplish with it?

This is the article where you will learn how Lightroom differs from Photoshop and why you should crave it.

What is Lr?

Lr is the abbreviation used for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which is a software that makes it simple and quick to import, arrange, edit, and export photos. Lightroom includes a lot of features and tools that make editing faster and easier since it was specifically created and designed for professional photographers and their workflow. 

Despite the fact both Lightroom and Photoshop are the products of Adobe and share some common features yet they are not the same. When it comes to image processing, photo manipulation to graphic design, Photoshop is more robust and flexible. Photoshop produces intricate effects by combining multiple photos with fine-tuning details.

Lightroom, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with simple local edits and global adjustments that overall change the appearance and feel of your photos.

Lightroom is exceptional for adding creative presets and filters and also improving the light, color, contrast, sharpness, and noise of your photographs. Additionally, Lightroom includes tools for perspective correction, object removal, cropping, and image resizing.

Advantages of Lr over Photoshop

The non-destructive editing approach is the one that gives Lightroom an edge over Photoshop. In other words, you can edit photos without changing the source file.

Any modifications that you make can be undone, or redone to your original photos. Lightroom also takes a very little space on your computers since it saves your edits as metadata. 

Lightroom also comes with a strong catalogue system that enables you to manage and organize your photos. To organize your photos into categories, collections and albums you need to import them from your camera or computer.

To quickly find your best photos, you can also use tags, rates, and labels for your photos. You may also search for your photographs on Lightroom by name, location, camera setting or even facial recognition. For more information please Click Here

Why use Lr?

  1. Edit your photos quickly and easily.
  2. Enhance the look and quality of your photos
  3. Use presets and sync settings across a number of photographs
  4. A fantastic option for keeping images accessible and organized
  5. Securely store and backup your photos on your PC or Cloud
  6. Send your images to friends via email, social media or online galleries.
  7. Lightroom is also available on a mobile app for your phone or tablet.
  8. Edit your images anytime anywhere
  9. Sync your videos or photos across multiple devices.
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How to use Lr?

  • Download and install Lightroom on your computer or mobile device before using it.
  • Once installed, import your photos to it and choose the photos you want to edit.
  • Edit your photos in Develop module and adjust your photos according to your needs.
  • Apply a range of presets and filters available in the Lightroom app.
  • After editing, export your photos in different sizes and formats to multiple platforms.


Lightroom is a robust and user-friendly software that makes your photos shine bright by managing and editing them quickly and easily. It is best for those professional photographers who just simply want to enhance their photos with global adjustments and basic local edits without affecting their source files.

Lightroom is ideal and perfect for photographers who wish to organize and make their photos stand out and be available across multiple devices.

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